This is a space for sharing stories and experiences, both as LGBT and LGBT-affirming Covenanters. This is a space for those who hold to the conviction of our Covenant forebears who insisted, “how can we turn away from the Table those who Christ has already made welcome?” This is a space for those who pray, long for, and are eager to begin working to create a church where all are truly welcome and where all can find a place.

This website is not a petition or a political movement it is just a forum where people can give “voice” to what heretofore they were afraid to say, “That God don’t make no junk! That all people regardless of sexual orientation are to be loved cared for and included in the life of the community of faith. That Jesus is about the task of gathering all sinners, and that all of us ARE sinners. That Jesus is uniting all peoples of the earth in a kingdom of love, and grace.” Soon we will be adding a place where you can add your voice and if you choose your name to the list of those who are “Coming Out Covenant.”