Share Your Story

Coming Out Covenant is intended to be a safe place for us to share and listen to one another’s stories. And we believe that is a very “Covenant” thing to do, even when it comes to difficult conversations. That’s why we need to hear from you! If you have a story that you would be willing to share, submit it to us via email at info(at) – you also can click the little red email icon on the top right of every page to open a new message in your email client.

We would love to hear “coming out” stories from:

Pastors  – experiences in ministry with LGBT persons; what has led you to a desire for a more inclusive church?

Family­ Members/Friends – your reaction to your family member/friend coming out? What has your journey been in walking alongside them? What has your experience been in the Covenant church?

LGBT Persons – your story of coming out: to yourself, to friends/family, to the church. How have you or have you not felt welcome and acceptance in the Covenant church? Where are you today?

Some things to consider when submitting:

  • Try to keep your post focused on your story and not on analysis or exegesis. Our stories will inevitably contain theological reflections, but we want to hear narratives, not debate articles.
  • In writing your story, it may help to reflect on how you have experienced (or continue to experience) fear, pain, and hope in your journey.
  • We encourage people to post their names on their stories, but understand this isn’t an option for everyone and will honor requests for anonymous posting.
  • If you have a photo you would like to include with your post – of yourself, your family, or something that creatively captures an element of your story, feel free to include it. Not a requirement, though.
  • If possible, limit your post to 1,000 words. This isn’t a strict rule, but a suggested guideline.
  • Please understand that as creators and editors of this site we reserve the right to  to only post contributions that we deem add to the conversation.